Bud's shooting experience includes:

Trapshooting - Skeet Shooting - Exhibition Trick Shooting - Upland Bird & Waterfowl Hunting


"In all of my years of shooting, I have never met an instructor like Bud! His warmth, attention to detail and ability to teach is outstanding. He gets his point across, is encouraging, and most of all produces fantastic results."

- Bill Sorensen

Instruction Includes:

  1. Gun Safety
  2. Shooting Form
  3. Gun Pointing Drills
  4. Methods of Forward Allowance
  5. Use of Innovative Teaching Aides
  6. Analyzing Shooting Strengths & Weaknesses
  7. Gun Fit
  8. Eye Dominance Problem & Corrections
  9. Ballistics & Loads
  10. Chokes & Patterns